Our Process

The team at Castle&Crown take great care in ensuring your wedding video is both an accurate representation of your day and focuses on something unique to you. Many conversations between the team go into making creative decisions such as song choice, story boarding, and knowing what to leave in or take out.

We want to take you on the journey of creating a wedding film to help you know what you're investing in.


Meeting you!

An essential part in telling a story unique to you, is of course knowing what is unique to your relationship. Whether you met in high school and haven't left each other's side, or already have a family together; we love sitting down and discussing what has been exciting to you both during your relationship! 

We normally meet a few weeks out from your wedding to establish your final details, however if you want to meet us for a no-obligation coffee and quote let us know!

Filming your day

Many would argue that the most important part in telling your story is actually showing up on the day to film; and they are probably right, haha.

Our purpose in wedding filmmaking is to tell your story (I know, we have said it a thousand times), but this vision also shapes every decision we make. Many wedding vendors will place time restrictions on their services, however we find that telling your story is actually a lot simpler when we have more to work with, so we have made the decision that instead of restricting the time we spend with you on your big day, we instead stay until we have captured enough to tell your story perfectly. Sometimes this means staying for 9hrs or sometimes more like 14hrs! Either way, you can trust that when we say goodbye at the end of the night we have captured plenty of beautiful clips that will perfectly sum up your wedding day!

Filming together.jpg


Bringing it into the timeline

We usually allow 4-6 weeks to edit and have your film(s) back to you. The actual editing can take between 1-2 weeks of full-time editing, colour grading and mastering. The additional time is dependent on the amount of other work we have on at the time of your wedding. 

While there are a few steps in between filming and having all the files ready to begin editing, we might just skip to the exciting stuff! (Not the file preparation and organisation, boring!) 

We begin the process of editing with song selection. This really is a crucial part of your film and we work tirelessly to get it right the first time, though sometimes it does take the third or fourth attempt to get it right. Following song selection we move to watching through your speeches and audio from the ceremony to find segments that help tell the story we want to focus on. These 'speakers' form the framework for which your film is built upon.

Colour-grading & Mastering

This is personally my favourite part! Colour-grading is what gives our films the vibrancy and life that people love our work for. It is an opportunity for us to add creative flare and that 'cinematic look' everyone is always banging on about. This stage of the production is really the final touches; we ensure everything looks great and sounds great before sending it off to the happy recipient.


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Delivering the goods

These steps are really what set our work apart from the pack. We place emphasis on elements that usually go unnoticed; but create that unexplainable quality that make you fall in love with your films.

Delivering your films and hearing your thoughts is certainly one of the reasons we do this job. We love giving couples a chance to relive their day and have something they are so proud to show off to their friends and family. 

We cannot wait to capture your big day and put in the effort to ensure your wedding day is one you won't forget. Click here to see some of our final films.