How to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day

As filmmakers we are constantly working with new couples who may be experiencing their first time in from of a professional’s camera. It can be nerve-racking trying to act ‘natural’ at all, let alone in front of 2-4 cameras on your wedding day. I have collected a few helpful tips through my experience filming weddings that will help you get comfortable and have amazing photos and footage to show for it.

  1. Keep your attention focused on your partner or the environment you are in. It is understandable to only see the big lenses pointed right at you and want to give a big goofy smile but trust me, those moments where you make each other laugh or when you catch your partner’s attention are much more pure and real than anything a professional could pose. A great photographer or filmmaker will know when to jump in for some light direction and small suggestions, but also know when to leave you to yourselves when you feel comfortable.

  2. Tell some jokes and make each other laugh. Have you ever seen that viral video clip on a subway train where one guy starts laughing hysterically causing everyone around him to join in laughing too? Laughter is a great catalyst for natural and candid moments and can really bring out the joy that your wedding day should be remembered for!

  3. Keep moving! Not only is this perfect in your wedding video, but it will help to distract you from the cameras. Try running your hands through your partner’s hair, or switching from holding hands to a hug, or even dancing! These movements will help the photographers to get everything they need; but also, who wouldn’t want to be intimate and close with their new husband or wife on their wedding day!

  4. I’m a big fan of The Office (the TV show) and love the episode where Jim and Pam get married - Pam suggests they take ‘mental photographs’ of the day to help remember it. I think this is a great tool to use during your photoshoot time on the big day. Focus on the smells and the temperature, look around and notice something new, what cologne is your husband wearing?

Capturing real and raw moments shouldn’t be difficult on your wedding day, it is full of exciting and emotional parts! I hope these few tips help you stay focused on one another and enjoy the moments you’re sharing together!