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Castle&Crown was born from a desire to produce amazing love stories. We want to learn about you and your love and have the opportunity to retell it in our films. Our ideal couple are full of energy and excitement about their big day, they love seeing the world around them and taking in the little moments, and most of all they love one another deeply. 

We think its incredibly important that you know WHO you are investing in. My name is Mitch and I've been filming weddings and getting to know couples for more than 2 years now. I love being able to capture emotion in my work, I love being able to connect with new people and form new friendships as well. It is my absolute joy to do what I do and I love being able to share that with others. My wife, Emily, is my partner-in-crime and enjoys being involved in the filming side of things. She is also a gun at organisation, so she usually handles all of the day-to-day and will be your point person in this whole thing. She is great with the nitty-gritty and ensures your day goes off without a hitch. Emily also runs a flower business called Ruby Lane Flower CO. offering wedding flowers too.

Emily and I love travelling together, whether that be on a plane or just camping; we enjoy the little things in life, getting outside and we love filling our time with friends and family. We live in Brisbane, Australia where the temperature sits fairly comfortably at 30℃. Emily loves the heat and the chances it brings to head to the beach, I much prefer the cooler climates so hit me up please if you're getting married in NZ or Canada.

Matt is our dedicated associate videographer and will often be found either assisting shoot a wedding or lead shooting a wedding for Castle&Crown. He has a creative eye for filmmaking and always knows how to see your day differently, not to mention he's also just a great guy. Matt's presence on your day will depend on our availability for your date.

We have already told countless stories of couples of different walks of life and experiences. We cannot wait to be able to tell yours.

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